A Travellers Nightmare + Great News!

First, exciting news for EVERYONE !


The Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrates another milestone with the opening of state-of-the-art lifts at both the Southern and Northern ends of the bridge. The bridge can now be accessed at The Rocks and Kirribilli, without climbing more than 60 stairs to reach the footpath of the bridge.

Costing $15 million this pedestrian access is for everyone. The new lifts can take 27 people or two wheelchairs and/or those in mobility scooters.

 More exciting news re a common travelling nightmare…

 Travelling is a great way to get away from it all. But there is one thing you need – whether at home or travelling……

…….That’s a toilet !

Whether you have been enjoying a beautiful city or a stunning location, there comes a time when you ask, ‘ I wonder where is the nearest toilet?

wctoiletimage1   Where is a public toilet when you need it ?!?   

There is a solution!

 The Australian government has created a map with locations of all public toilets in Australia – and these include accessible toilets.

 Let’s take Sydney as an example:

You can click on the link below which takes you to a map.

You can then simply and quickly drill down to your specific location by clicking on the area you are in. This marker also shows you how many toilets can be found here.


 To see the map for the whole of Australia click here:            https://toiletmap.gov.au/Find

Hope you find this update helpful to enjoy your travels in Australia to the max. If you are interested in receiving regular updates on accessible tourism you can simply sign up here