Wedding Car Checklist

1. Decide what style of car is best for your wedding
Your cars should complement the style you have chosen.

If your wedding style is elegant and classic – check out vintage and classic wedding car collection
If your wedding style is minimalist check out modern prestige collection
If your dream is a princess wedding check out the Royal Wedding Car Package.
IDEA: Also think about incorporating colour in your style to suit your wedding colours.

2. Consider whom you want to provide transport for?
Most couples provide cars for the bride and bridesmaids.
80% provide cars for the groomsmen after the ceremony. 75% provide cars for the groom to arrive.
15% provide cars for the parents after the ceremony.

If you have a large bridal party, consider a gorgeous car for bride and groom and provide a minibus for your bridal party. They will have fun being together and everyone wil know that you are the special people of the day. There is a selection of packages for large bridal parties.

3. Consider your guests
Your guests will enjoy your wedding more if they do not have to worry about driving far, or to places they may not know. This is especially of concern for people from out of town.
Consider offering guest transport. Coaches can transport guests from the ceremony to reception and return, or you may prefer to have a central point where guests leave their cars before the ceremony.
Include the offer of guest transport on your RSVP.Then you can select the right size coach for you.

4. Ask your photographer for ideas to incorporate your wedding cars in photos
This can best be done prior to your wedding when you are discussing your style of photography.

5. Details for the day
Check your wedding cars come with : large umbrellas, a bridal repair kit , water and sparkling wine, preferably snacks as well – or bring your own. There is so much happening prior to your wedding on the day that brides often simply forget to eat!

FINALLY: Review and confirm details of your wedding cars a week before your wedding.
Ask for contact number of your driver for the day.

Following this checklist will help you arrive at your wedding , relaxed and ready to enjoy your wedding day.