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To assist in your wedding planning, frequently asked questions about wedding car hire from our many brides are provided to you below.

Firstly, nearly everyone wants to know ‘who are we ?’  –  we are classic car enthusiasts who started the business to support the passion. We have been offering our collection for more than 15 years and are proud to have won international , national and state awards for our cars and customer service. Details of our awards and reviews are here.

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  • What styles of wedding cars do you offer ?

Australia In Style offers a large selection of wedding cars.
These include luxury wedding cars, such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, BMW 7 series, Mercedes S Class.
Sporty styles include Mustangs and Convertible wedding cars.
All wedding cars come with decorated vehicle and trained drivers.
Stretch limousines and horse and carriages are also offered.
Horse and carriages come with open top and closed top.

Matching cars are available in many cases. Increasingly , brides are asking for their wedding car to be slightly different to the bridesmaids- for example similar model of two different colours.
There is an extensive range of wedding car colours available. These include two tone silver, champagne, ivory, black, red, blue
Colour is best considered in conjunction with colours you have chosen for your wedding. Click here to view different styles to suit your wedding

  • What services are included with the wedding cars?

Your service includes decorated vehicle and trained chauffeurs.
Red carpet service is also available as well as a wedding car decoration kit.
Refreshments include sparkling wine, chilled water and snack pack at your photo location. Sparkling wine is served in glass flutes.
A getaway vehicle, from your reception to your hotel, is also offered.

  • Do you base your costing on time or distance ?

Does the cost start from your base or from my home ?
The cost of your wedding cars is based on time. The time starts from your home, not from our base.
It doesn’t matter how many trips we may do, say from the ceremony to the reception, the cost is based on the time you book the vehicles.
If you book a getaway car at the end of your reception, this is a separate booking and a flat rate. You do not pay for the time you are at your reception.

  • How many wedding cars do I need to transport my bridal party ?
    It is most popular for the bride to arrive with the person (s) giving her away at the wedding.

Bridesmaids usually travel in another vehicle.

    Increasingly the groom and groomsmen are also wanting to arrive in style. About 80% of grooms now request a stylish vehicle to set the tone for their wedding.

Allow 3-4 people in the classic sedans. 6- 7 seater classic cars are the perfect wedding car for the larger bridal party.
Stretch vehicles accommodate from 7- 10 people.
Increasingly popular are the small executive white Mercedes coaches for larger bridal parties. This way you can accommodate family members also.

Some couples wish to offer transport for their parents. This is a lovely idea – check with the parents.
For wedding guest transport – see below

  • How long before my wedding should I book my wedding cars ?

There are peak times of the year for weddings and this impacts on the best time to book your wedding cars so that you have the greatest choice.
Generally, if your wedding is January to April, a popular time, you are advised to book at least 6 – 9 months in advance.
If your wedding is May to August less time is necessary.
September to December is also peak time.

The sooner you book, the bigger selection of options you have.

      • For how long should I book my wedding cars ?.

Allow travel time to your ceremony, time for the wedding ceremony itself, half an hour for mixing with your guests after the ceremony , travel to your photo location(s) and then to your reception.
Photographers rarely take less than half an hour at a photo location. Check with your photographer as to how long he/ she expects to take
Should you have your wedding and reception in the same location , it is often a nice idea to have your wedding vehicle wait till after the ceremony is over to include it as a prop in your photos.
As there is a minimum hire time of 1.5 hours there may be no additional cost for this.

      • Do you have a booking form I can complete with details of my wedding and payment options ?.

Yes we do . Booking form allows you to enter all details of your wedding, your requested cars and includes payment options. Click here for booking form

      • Do the wedding cars travel anywhere in Sydney ?.

Yes, Australia In Style travels to all suburbs of Sydney and also out of Sydney
A surcharge applies for out of Sydney wedding car transport.

      • Do you offer transport for our wedding guests ?

Australia In Style specializes in event transport and offers a selection of coaches to transport your wedding guests.
This is increasingly popular as guests now can travel easily from out of town and from overseas.
The coaches transport guests from their hotel to the wedding , from the wedding to the reception and also after the reception back to the hotel.
A selection of coaches from 10- 63 seaters are available.
A wheelchair accessible vehicle is also available.

      • What if it rains on my wedding day ?

All Australia In Style vehicles have large golf umbrellas.

      • What if there are mechanical problems with the wedding car on the day ?

Australia In Style takes every precaution to ensure your wedding day is stress free.
All vehicles are checked regularly and a maintenance program is in place.
Should any problem occur on the day, a replacement vehicle, as similar as possible to your selected vehicle, will be sent.

      • Are you a licensed wedding car operator?

Yes, Australia In Style is accredited wedding car operator.
Australia In Style is also the only Sydney wedding car operator to win an international special events award and is also Sydney’s first event transport company to offset carbon emissions. We are a proud recipient of Greenfleet’s Huon Award.

        • What are your terms and conditions?

See here for terms and conditions

        • Do you have a checklist to help decide me decide my wedding transport?

See here for a helpful checklist